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Hey Guys, Decided I'm getting rid of all the armies I don't use so I will be putting up a couple of posts for ebay.

This is my Eldar 'Ghost Warrior' Initially to be allied with my necron army through custom fluff with the new addition hence the blue with yellow/orange glowing guns/heads on the 10 that are half painted.

Some of the models will need stripping for sure.
10x Wraithguards w/ D-cannons
5x Wraithguards w/ D-Flamers
5x Wraithblades w/ Axe & Shield
2x Wraithlords
1x Spiritseer (staff end has broken unable to find)
1x Farseer (head shaved to look like a Spiritseer).
1x Wraithknight

The Iyanden Suppliment and first hardback Eldar Codex will be included in this auction (though unsure if the normal eldar codex has a new addition).

If sold above £150 I will include a special Metal case I carry only the army in due to the difficult/tall models of which was £80 and can carry all of them with ease.

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