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well the answer is yes and no really.

You can make the old craftworlds, if you really want to but limiting your own choices and sticking to the fluffy choices associated with the old lists.

However none are as powerful as they once were, and all the "benefits" associated with the old lists are gone so:-

Aliatoc: Rangers are still a staple troops for any list so you can base an aliatoc army around them. Pathfinders are also upgrades for rangers and cost the same as they did before. However there is no disruption and they only get ap 1 on 5/6 plus they have ranger stats. also they cant deploy or move through impassable anymore.

Iyanden: Wraithlords cannot be troops anymore, and wraithguard only count as troops in squads of 10 [or they are elite], But wraithguard have improved weapon and T6.

Saim Hann: No longer get extra fast attack and limited HS slots. However jetbikes are troops.

Biel Tan: Avengers are troops and warpspiders are now fast attack so can fill all your slots with aspects if you like, but still only 3 max of elite and fast attack so for example no 60 firedragon armies of armies filled with reapers and wraithlords.

Ultwe: No more black guardians. No seer council. Warlocks start off more expensive but come with Witchblades. however farseers can have 10 warlocks as a bodyguard as standard.

However there is only 1 list now so you can still take pathfinders or jetbikes or wraithguard etc as troops in any army and the only real flavour comes from what you give to the list yourself. My own opinion is very split on the new codex, there are aspects that i like and some that i dont. I dont think they are overpowered in the new codex although many things got a boost, and i also dont feel they have been broken beyond using, and that some choices now leave them very strong in a competative setting.
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