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Eldar help for a friend's sake...

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Hi again

Having fought my friend's Eldar again recently, along with his small and illegal Tau army, I have decided to come here to beg for help. I have a ratio against him of W: Uncountable over 4 years D:1 L:0. His army consists of (as I said somewhere in another thread):
Farseer+ 3 Warlocks. Usually run with Eldritch Storm, Mind War and Destructors.
Maugan Ra
3 Dark Reaper to go with Maugan
28 Guardians with 2 Heavy Weapon platforms, one a Starcannon, the other unbuilt so I have no idea what it may be. They are run in three squads.
4 Swooping Hawks inc. Exarch
9 Warp Spiders inc. Exarch
4 Fire Dragons, no Exarch
2 Falcons/ Wave Serpents, it change every game.
2 War Walkers
Wraithlord w/Wraithsword, Missile Launcher, Brightlance, Shuriken Catapults
2 Guardian Jetbikes
10 Dire Avengers with 2 Exarchs, will probably be run in one squad.
3 Rangers
allied with:
1 Krootox
Battlesuit Commander with Burst Cannon, Flamer and Missile Pods
12 Fire Warriors, in two teams. 2 have Carbines, the others have Rifles.
3 Stealthsuits with 2 Burst Cannons and one Fusion Blaster
Devilfish, unbuilt so I don't know about upgrades.

It's an illegal list, I know. The question is: What does he drop, add and do tactically? I suggested more Jetbikes, drop the Hawks, Reapers, PL and Drags for 10 Banshees in a Wave Serpent, give the Farseer Fortune and Doom, and put the Warlocks in the Guardian squads. Tactically, I've told him to keep the Farseer back, out of CC.

I think he has what I call 'Dawn of Waritis', which is when someone believes the computer games relate to the tabletop. As such, he sends the Farseer into melee needlessly, thinking that she is an excellent CC opponent, attacking a mob of 30 Orks with the Warp Spiders then assaulting, not realising that they are in the middle of my army. He has never made an Army List, which is why mine is so vague.

I really need some help!

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Mechdar, mechdar all day.

What Sethis said pretty much.

Farseer, DAs in Serpents or Falcons, FDs in Serpents, Falcons, Prisms, optional Jetbikes, Storm Guardians and Warlocks.
1 - 1 of 6 Posts
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