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From Spiky Bits:

MASSIVE stuff if you ever plan on playing Eldar Corsairs. This is the first real book FW put out since the new army lists, and it's game-changing, I'd say. The Corsairs get their own 'Decurion' style Force Orgs, AND modifications to the Craftworld Warhost.

Perils of the Warp Chart

Corsairs have their own unique Perils of the Warp chart. In addition to the Void Dreamer, Barons and Princes can be Psykers.

1- Devoured. No Ld check. The Psyker is claimed by She Who Thirsts. Gains Demon, Hatred (Khorne), Rending, and may run +3 inches. Control switches to your opponent. If the psyker is part of a unit they're locked in combat.

2-3 Soul-Wracked. Slaanesh gives them a back massage is basically what the fluff says. The unit (not just the model) are pinned and your opponent gets to change the target of the psychic power being cast.

4-5 Warp Terrors. Demons swirl about the veil. Unit and all Corsair units within 6" must make a morale check on 3D6 take the two highest or fall back.

6 The Eye of She Who Thirsts. The Psyker gets the attention of Slaanesh. For the rest of the game perils happen for the psyker on any doubles.

Psychic Powers

- Psychic power #5: Warp Tunnel - WC2 - Pick a friendly unit within 6". Make a no-scatter Deep Strike anywhere on the table. The target may shoot and assault as normal. For every 6" moved this way roll a D6, for every 1 rolled take a wound (saves allowed).

- as a whole their psychic powers are pretty average though. The one that puts enemies into ongoing reserve is powerful but it's WC3. Not witchfire though so that's good.

- Primaris power under Aethermancy... not so good IMO.

Path-Ward, WC2 (why?) - Blessing, only works on Corsair faction units. The unit automatically gets a '6' on difficult terrain rolls, charge distances, thrust moves, hit and run moves, reckless abandon special rules. If it was a D3, it's a 3.

I guess that's a very long, predictable charge range though.

Army Special Rules & Info

By the way, regular troop Corsairs (now called Reaver Bands), got defensive grenades.
Not sure about the vampire hunter. Firestorm yes. Lynx is still there, holofields unchanged. Sonic lance unchanged, It has a whole new gun though:

Corsairs get these two rules:
- Dancing on the Blade's Edge: Corsairs are piratey and stuff and not the most disciplined. They come with two Ld Values, ie 8/5. You use the lower value when trying to regroup.

- Reckless Abandon: If within 12" of an enemy, the unit can "battle focus" only after shooting. But don't roll D6, it's a flat 6". Jetpack units get 6+D6".

Princes can take relics from either book as well as the Harlequin book. Hello Mask of Secrets.
Dissonance cannon: 24" S5, AP4, Heavy 1, pinning. For each additional model in the unit that hits, add +1S and -1AP. So if three hit that's S7 AP2 on all of them. Not bad.

grenades - Tanglefield
S2, AP-, blast. Any unit hit by it takes a strength test, if failed reduce initiative and WS in half until next turn.

So the cloud dancer felarch comes with a brace of pistols, either or both of which can be exchanged for a list of named items...
... but the default loadout just says 'brace of pistols'.
Meaning what - brace of shuriken pistols? Fusion pistols? Laspistols?
Brace of Pistols is wargear that effectively gives access to 2 shuriken pistols and 2 splinter pistols.

- Yes the Corsair Prince and Baron can both take a Cloud Runner jetbike.

- The Baron is a 30 point HQ base, super cheap. He's not an IC, can take a lot of upgrades such as a shadowfield, pay 15 pts to become a lv1 psyker. I think he'll see a lot of action.

- The Prince dropped 25 pts. Anything with 12" uses his Ld.

- Yes Corsairs have a pistol fetish. They have access to 4 pistols (but can of course only fire 2). For one, this means that they all have 2 CCW.

- There are scout Corsairs called Ghostwalkers. They get stealth, scout, infiltrate, plasma and defensive grenades, and a lasblaster. For one point per model they can get longrifles. They can also get flamers, fusion guns, shredders, and blasters (1 per 5). And they can get haywire grenades.

- Corsair jetpacks grant 4+ armor

CW Eldar, Dark Eldar, and Harlequins are battle brothers. Tau, Imperials are Desperate allies, never may be in a list with Chaos, Nids, Crons. Nobody is allies of Convenience for Corsairs (except different parts of their own detachment lol)hey gained open-topped... But get 4++ rerollable vs shooting whenever they jumped or deep struck on the previous turn.

- For +10 points Corsair Reavers ("basic" Corsairs) can all upgrade to Void Hardened armor. This gives them 3+ armor and re-rolls for dangerous terrain and difficult terrain, but they lose Fleet.

- Balelight: Pistol 3D3, rending, blind, one use, 8", S3, AP6.

- Elite Slot: Malevolent Band. These corsairs are half-insane because of Slaanesh gnawing at their souls and therefore charge into battle with berzerker-like rage.

: Any Corsairs within 6" of them get -1Ld
: They're 2W models with FnP
: Fear, fearless, fleet, furious charge, rage
: 5 points gets the whole unit Jetpacks or Heavy mesh (4+ armor). No-brainer.
: Can get melta bombs, venom blades, power swords (1 per 5)
: Comes with brace of pistols and a CCW

In other news, the Corsair Prince can be configured as a "drug lord" and have a better combat drug chart than dark eldar - and it works for his whole detachment. Roll a 6 on the drug chart and your prince goes full El Chapo and gets to roll for two drugs.
Dark Eldar need a new codex.

Looks like no new model support other than the new WK and the jetbikes and those look like modded kits. FW told me though that they plan on releasing more in the future but couldn't say what or when.

New Vehicle Details

- The Phoenix Bomber looks unchanged other than dropping 20 points.

As well as the Wraithknight (there's a new one) and the new Revenant.

Unfortunately Prism blasters (focused and dispersed), as well as Ghostlight are the same as they are on the FAQ downloadable from FW's website, which is to say, lacking. I don't have info on the Spear of Twlight, Irillyth, or Spectres themselves though, sorry. I have the corsair stuff mostly.

Is Firestorm in the book?
Yes. Its gun got rending and ignores cover vs skimmers and flyers.

- Warp Hunter, 185 points, can be squandroned. 36" Str: D minus 1 AP2 with small blast barrage D3+1 shots. Also has a template firing mode.

- Kinetic Fields grants a 5++ save to vehicles, increasing to 4++ re-rollable if the vehicle deep strikes or moves flat out. Wasps get it when jumping. Doesnt work in melee but this is damn good.

The Phantoms guns got a boost

Eldar Lynx:
12/12/11, 5 HP
Heavy Support NOT a superheavy
Costs 5 more than a Land Raider
Flyer with skimmer mode
Can Deep Strike
Can't jink when flying (it's too clumsy), only snap firing when flying
Comes with a shuriken cannon, can turn it into a BL/SL/SC for +5 pts

Lynx Pulsar:
Saturation: 48" Str, AP2, Ordinance 1, Large Blast
Salvo: 48" Str, AP2, Ordinance 3, Twin-Linked

it's 60 pts cheaper and got +1 armor f/s

The Lynx Pulsar has an Ordinance 3, S: D, AP2, Twin-linked 48" firing mode now, as well as the Large blast D which also gets ordinance

Sonic lance is unchanged
Revenant Gets a heavy 4 S8 AP3 skyfire, interceptor, sunder "Cloudstrike" missile system. And it's only hit on 6's in close combat now (GMCs and superheavy walkers hit it on a 5+). Titan holofields are unchanged. Weapons are unchanged. The thing is completely ridiculously OP. It was OP before, now it's just dumb.

- The Nightwing is only 25 points more than a naked Farseer. It has stealth and Agile.

- you can arm a Wasp with both a dark lance and a bright lance.

- Wasps get D6+1 hammers of wrath when they assault using their jump jets. They gained open-topped... But get 4++ rerollable vs shooting whenever they jumped or deep struck on the previous turn.

Corsair Formations & Detachments

Anyway Corsairs can take a CAD. Or they can organize into a...
Corsair Fleet Raiding Company
Mandatory stuff:
- Command Crew (1-2 HQ, 0-1 Elite, 0-1 LoW)
- Primary Coterie (1 HQ, 1-3 Troops, 0-2 Elites, 0-2 Fast, 1 Heavy)

Optional 0-3 Coteries (same as primary)

- Obsec Troops
- Coterie Specializations. Each Coterie can select one of the following rules and you can't double up on any rule pick. (Command Crew doesnt get one):

Titan Breakers - Preferred enemy tank and walker
Head Takers - Rerolls 1 to wound in CC
Sky Burners - Deep strikes scatter D6 and reroll failed reserve rolls (optional)
Vault Breechers - Gain Dissonance breech
Night Hunters - Gain Night Vision and Preferred Enemy (stuff at night)
Hate Bringers - Pick an enemy unit on turn 1. The Coterie's infantry and jetbikes get Hatred (those guys) for the whole game and if you kill those guys gain a VP. Any part of your army can kill it for the VP doesn't have to be the coterie with this ability or even Corsairs.

Drawback!!! Internal Politics: Your Coteries count each other as Allies of Convenience. This is potentially a big deal.

The book also has more choices for the Eldar Warhost formation in the CW Codex. Lots more actually. Here's one.

Lord of the Undying Host (Command Choice)
1 Wraithseer
1-3 units of Wraithblades

Special Rules:
- Wisdom Beyond the Veil: roll 2D6 for warlord trait, pick the one you like
- Bound to Serve: Wraithblades and Wraithseer re-roll to-hit rolls of '1' in the first round of CC

Warhost (decurion type detachment)

There's an alternate to the Eldar Warhost in here, sort of a modified version where instead of getting the buffed battle focus thing, you pick a trait.

Warhosts of the Pale Courts (The Pale Courts are the minor craftworlds), uses normal auxiliary and command choices
- Pale Courts Battlehost: Farseer, 3 Guardian Defender units, 0-1 Warlock councils
- Pick one of 11 traits.

> Crossroads of Eternity: The Battlehost may include a Harlequin Troupe, counts as CE Eldar faction

> Children of Khaine: The 3 units of Guardians must be Storm Guardians who are S4 when they roll a '6' to hit

> Disciples of Vaul: The Battlehost adds 1-3 Vaul's Wrath batteries and the Guardians may take 1 support weapon per 5 models

> Graveyard of Dreams: The Battlehost must take 3 Wraithblade units, the Guardians become 0-3. The wraithblades get Crusader.

> Tomb-Ship of Fallen Heroes: The Battlehost uses a Spiritseer or Wraithseer instead of the Farseer, roll 2D6 take the best for WL traits. Must also take a Wraithlord.

> Aspect-Lord Shrine: Guardians become 0-3, Battlehost must include three Aspect Warrior units from a single aspect.

> Fortress of Discipline - Battlehost adds 1-3 War Walkers or 1 unit of Wasps. They get pinning against anything Guardians targeted that turn.

> Swift to Anger - Battlehost must inclide 1-3 Vyper units or 1 Hornet unit. They get outflank and re-roll reserve rolls.

> Halls of Martial Splendor - Take an Autarch instead of the Farseer in the Battlehost. He re-rolls misses and wounds in a challenge.

The strong stand alone - The Battlehost adds a single squadron of Warp Hunters, Night Spinners, or Fire Prisms. Your army can't contain any other detachments except more Pale Courts Warhosts.

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Well, if 50% of this turns out to be true, then there's no reason to play using Codex: Dark Eldar.

Mind you, the rule writing at FW has never been consistent. So this book was going to be grossly overpowered, or woefully average.

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Well, if 50% of this turns out to be true, then there's no reason to play using Codex: Dark Eldar.

Mind you, the rule writing at FW has never been consistent. So this book was going to be grossly overpowered, or woefully average.
Im quoting this for truth.
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