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Eldar, combining elite units

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Hi! :)

This is my first post so go easy on me! :p

Recently I have been thinking over the idea of marching out combined units of aspect warriors.
Being that aspect warriors have such unbalanced strengths and weakness, bringing two units close together that might help create a good balance.

One option I was thinking was perhaps throwing 5 Banshee and 5 scorpians (inc exarch?) in a wave serpant and droping them into assualt together. so you have the durablity & the strength of the scorpians to make up for the fragility of the banshee, and the speed and power weapons of the banshee to get through the harder armour...

any thoughts? what on aspects would work well as a team? or perhaps you think this is a terrible idea and that you should just focus the strengths of each aspect on where its best used.

I eagerly await your opinions!!

thanks a lot
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I only ever take 3 kinds of aspect warriors. Normally fire dragons in a holo-field falcon to take out tanks (duh!). Dire avengers in a serpent to dash to an objective so they can take it. I also use dark reapers. Since most of the terrain in my store is very dark they can blend in quite well. As a result they get ignored by my opponents who just forget they are there. If you take them then take the reaper launcher and crack shot. The crack shot alone is worth it to take out enemies in cover.

I do not use scorpions or banshees in combat. They are just targeted in the game far too early by low AP weapons. I tend to use harlies with a shadowseer and phoenix lord Fuegan as my close combat punch. This they do quite well as the shadowseer's power stops them getting shot to pieces on the way into combat.
1 - 1 of 12 Posts
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