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Eldar, combining elite units

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Hi! :)

This is my first post so go easy on me! :p

Recently I have been thinking over the idea of marching out combined units of aspect warriors.
Being that aspect warriors have such unbalanced strengths and weakness, bringing two units close together that might help create a good balance.

One option I was thinking was perhaps throwing 5 Banshee and 5 scorpians (inc exarch?) in a wave serpant and droping them into assualt together. so you have the durablity & the strength of the scorpians to make up for the fragility of the banshee, and the speed and power weapons of the banshee to get through the harder armour...

any thoughts? what on aspects would work well as a team? or perhaps you think this is a terrible idea and that you should just focus the strengths of each aspect on where its best used.

I eagerly await your opinions!!

thanks a lot
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Firstly welcome to Heresy,

Second, you can't mix units, you could however have 2 seperate units helping each other, for example, 10 Howling Banshees charging a unit, with 10 Dire Avengers providing cover fire.

As you seem to know already the different Aspects have different strengths and weaknesses, so if you want to run multiple Aspects, its wise to choose Aspects which complement each others abilities.

Definately try out different combinations of Aspect warriors to see which ones fit your playstyle.

yeah in the way of CC and Ranged aspects, the best CC Aspects are clearly Banshees, then I'd say, Scorpions. The best fire support aspects would have to be Reapers and Avengers. Fire Dragons are good for their anti-tank, but i believe it has become a case of Dragon dominance in 'preferred' Aspect these days.

Still, you can definately try to get Dark Reapers into a good covered area, to rain death upon units, while assaulting with Banshees or Scorpions. The thought of a unit of Reapers shooting down the enemy, only to have a unit of Scorpions pop up and slaughter the survivors is a lovely thing :biggrin:

in the end however, you'll need to proxy or playtest different Aspects to see which suit your style of play best, tactics/strategy your using etc

if it doesnt make sense its cause its 2.50am here

you must think about it strategically. Eldar are by no means marines, you cant just throw them around willy-nilly. They are Eliteist, and need to be played that way. The two strong CC units for Eldar are Banshees and Scorpions, Banshees need a transport to get close to the enemy or they'll just get gunned down, Scorpions on the other hand can infiltrate or outflank, giving them more protection as you can deploy them in cover nicely.

Support units for CC should be ranged. For Eldar the Reapers can lay down heavy fire at a reasonable range to keep a unit busy to help soften a target for your CC aspect, provide cover fire are a CC units makes a break for cover, or whatever.

So im thinking support Banshees with Reapers, if both are in transports you can position the reapers and the banshees and do your thing.

For scorpions their support is abit different, if you infiltrate your scorpions, how you give them cover fire?


nough said, if you take a unit of 10 Rangers, and make then Pathfinders, stick them in ruins near your scorpions, they have the cover save and 2+ with pathfinder, then a 5-6 rolling rending. then you have your CC unit being covered by a unit that is very hard to bust out of cover..

(it makes sense in my head, typing it is the hard part)
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