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Eldar codex gone from gw site?

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I've seen on a couple of sites that the eldar codex, autarch, shining spears and guardian jetbikes have gone from gw's site.
I had a look at the site and couldn't find them but I'm on my phone and may just be crap at looking for stuff...
Can anyone confirm?

If this is already covered somewhere else, then I revert to my 'may just be crap at looking for stuff' defence.
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They're still not there on gw's site.
Seems a bit early to take them off sale though - normally gw will sell you a codex right up to the day before they release the new one.

I'm assuming more admech for this weeks wd so when would be the next free week for a new release?
Two weeks, so not that long, if they have run down stocks sufficiently well then its not too bad. Given the age of the jet bike model i dont think they will be missed for a fornight if they are part of the release.

1 - 1 of 13 Posts
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