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Im new to the Eldar so please bear with me.

I have a question regarding the Dire Avengers and blade storm. From my understanding bladestorm is cast on a unit which then gets to fire 3 shots that turn but bypasses the shooting phase in the next turn. In Kill team each model is counted as an individual unit, so when casting the bladestorm does it only affect one model or all the 6 Dire Avengers?

As I say Im new to eldar so please be gentle if I have the wrong end of the stick.
That's actually a really good question (it got me to read back over the codex anyway). The exact wording is "The Exarch and his squad can....", and since the squad is chosen together, then I would assume that the bonus applies to all models that were chosen as a part of the squad. To be frank, if someone tried to stop you from bladestorming with everything, they'd have to be a total dick.

One question I'd raise as a result of this is; does each model in the squad have to bladestorm at the same time in kill-team?
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