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Eldar Beginner, 1500pt list

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This is one of my first army lists I have put together, Just wanted to get some feedback. Ive won two 400 point battles, as if that means anything, and got my ass stomped at two 1500... any help would be great!

10 Pathfinders 240
10 Guardian Jetbikes 220

Fast Attack
5 Shining Spear, Exarch 187
6 warpspiders, exarch 144

Heavy Support
2 Falcon Gravs 230

6 Firedragons, exarch 108
6 Striking Scorpians, exarch 108

Autarch, jetbike 100

Unless my math is off that comes out to 1337, and since it is leet it has to work right? But it leaves me with 163 points for Wargear, and to me seems pretty fast and solid.

Thank for any help
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Keep your chin up Eldar are very hard to master but when you do they're very difficult to play against. I play BA Marines and have a very difficult time holding my ground against Veteran Eldar Players. The more you lose the more you learn, I always get with my opponant after and go over the game to find out what I could have done better. Most people are more then happy to help. I know its not tactical advise, but hope it helps...
1 - 1 of 22 Posts
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