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Eldar avatar?

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Is the Elder avatar immune to instant death?
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Just so it's clear, Force Weapons do *not* inflict 'Instant Death' they simply slay outright. Never is the Instant Death rule invoked (I know it sounds petty, but it's an important distinction. Names of rules are capitalized for a reason) This means Abby and DPs *can* be killed by force weapons.

Now, with that said, the Wraithlord is *not* immune to Instant Death, but since no S12 weapons exist, there's only one thing I know of that can inflict Instant Death upon him (Not counting Force Weapons which,as stated, work differently)...The Blissgiver.
It makes them die, instantly...but unless it says "Instant Death" it's not inflicting Instant Death. List like how opting to move your troops backwards isn;t the same as a unit that's Falling BacK.

The big thing with GW rules (and rules in general) is that unless it says it is, then it isn't.
...where, exactly, does it say that Monstrous Creatures are immune to Instant Death?

It doesn't, otherwise Daemon Princes wouldn't need the Eternal Warrior rule.

Meanwhile, if you had read the last page or so, you'd know that just because there are no S12 weapons doesn't make the Wraithlord to Instant Death.
The Blissgiver causes Instant Death on a successful wound, for example.

PS Jakkie, unless it speciffically says otherwise, Force Weapon works on everyone. You can't apply logic in place of the rules.
Good to see I'm not the only one who sees it so clearly, even when the rule works against you. Just wait though. Latest rumor I saw had Force weapons officially going over to Instant Death in 5th ed.
1 - 4 of 34 Posts
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