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Hey bud, Its an interesting idea to pair the eldar with the orks, This happens a lot in the fluff the eldar have a tendency to let the orks rampage to slow their enemies or distract them so good on you for trying it out yourself.

I can't comment on the eldar portion of your list because I only play greenskins but here are a couple of comments.

That unit of 10 Gretchen won't last on their own at all, they'll be pinned and running the first time they get shot at by anything sizable, so they'd be useful to hold an objective but not add much to your green wave.

When it comes to the boyz I'd be sure to take a bosspole on the nob or the warboss the new mob rule table isn't that awesome and with a mob of 20 dudes a d6 of hits every time you biff a moral won't be super helpful.

I also might consider retooling this a little and making those boyz shoota boyz, even now that it costs a point more per model they are pretty darn useful being assault 2, and still getting 3 attacks on the charge they can still survive a punch up.

Take all of that advice with a grain of salt however. Some of the most successful lists I've ever played have been running stuff that'd make tactica players absolutely cry.
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