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Eldar and Chaos Marines are my two latest projects, iv'e been reading the codex's of both for a little while and have finally decided to invest in some troops, both of which im going to build up slowly, Ive already got myself a comfy number of Imperial Fists and Tyranides to tie me over playing wise, and im going to post some pics of SM and the Nids as soon as i get a new cam.

Imagine my frustration when id just finished my Zoanathrobe and i got to take a picture and the cam just dies in my hands, so disappointing.

In the future im hoping to make an Armour Company of Krieg. But thats a lot of time and alot of forge world stuff so not for a while yet.

The Chao marines im doing are going to be Chaos undivided and im going to try and get as much diversity and color in there as possible, ive never been hugely keen on Korn Berserker, but thousand suns, noise marines, and plague marines are going to have their place. Along with some stolen Imperial amour and some cultists as well i reckon. Will post some pics of the chaos marines and Eldar as soon as possible, the first marines im doing are the Purge not because i love the color more because they looked best on the old 95ish models i had lying about.
1 - 4 of 4 Posts
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