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I'm not sure if this is what you want to hear but.... Drop Irillyth, pick up a Farseer. Irillyth doesn't really add 220 points worth into your army but a Farseer could Guide the vibro cannons lifting them from mediocity to awesomefulness.

Those 10th Windriders are redundant (panic test limit), id make them form a 4th unit.

The Rangers have not worked well for me but tbh I havent recenrly used them too much either.

Bonus feature! A mental exercise: if all is well, your Fire Prism is behind cover with only the turret showing, moving 0,01 inches a turn and thus claiming a 3+ cover save. If all is not well and you have jinked, you'll be moving flat out to gain a 3+ for the next turn and avoid jinking. Anyway, your tank is at least 30" away from the closest bad guy. A shuriken cannon has a range of 24 and is positioned under the tank's hull, pointing straight forward.
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