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Hi Everyone,

Here is my 1500 list

Avatar of Khaine + Fast Shot 205 pts

5 Wraithguard with cannons in Wave Serpent with Holo-Fields + TL Bright Lances 295 pts
5 Striking Scorpions in Wave Serpent with Holo-Fields + TL Bright Lances 220 pts

6 Dire Avengers in Wave Serpent with Holo-Fields + TL Bright Lances 213 pts
5 Rangers 60 pts
6 Windrider Jetbike Squad + Shuriken Cannon x1 112 pts

Fast Attack
5 Swooping Hawks 80 pts

Heavy Support
Wraithknight with Suncannon+shieild + Shuriken Cannon + Scatter Laser 315 pts

Total Roster Cost: 1500

The idea is the scorpions and hawks are held in reserve coming in via infiltrate and deepstrike respectivly.
The Avatar and knight go dead centre to punch through to objectives etc with supporting fire from serpents
Wraithguard are anti tank / walker
jetbikes and avengers go for objecives
Rangers do what they do best :)

What do you guys think ?

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Thought I'd reply even though its been a long time since you posted this. I'd suggest to get rid of the shuriken cannon on your wraithknight. There is really no need to have it since you can only shoot 2 guns a turn anyway. All you really ever need is the scatterlaser/sun-cannon combo (which is amazing to say the least). This will save you 15 points to put towards maybe another s-cannon on your bikes, or another ranger/scorpion. Very simple fix, but I think its needed on this particular list. Good luck and hopefully you still play the most versatile army in the 40k universe!! :eek:k:
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