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Effective Possessed

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Is this an oxymoron? Or is there a way to make good use of Possessed?

My original thought was to use them in the way that many players use Khorne Berserkers, with Plague Marines and Noise Marines as my troop choices. If I went this rout, how would I best use Possessed? I can't decide which Icon works best for them--Khorne to give them yet another attack, Nurgle to make them harder to kill, Slaanesh so they have the same advantage Berserkers have on the turn they charge except for every round of close combat, or if I should keep them on foot in a unit of 20 with an Icon of Tzeentch to keep them alive to tempt ordinance away from things that actually matter, or if there's something else I hadn't considered.
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or if there's something else I hadn't considered.
A unit of 20 Possessed with the Mark of Khorne, who roll a 6 for Daemonkin. Tallys up to 100(2 base, 1 for MoK, 1 for 2 CCW, 1 for charge) S5 power weapon attacks on the charge(key word for daemonkin is gains the rule/equipment, giving the Possessed Power Weapons and a CCW) :grin: and they can take a rhino to use as cover
I think he's getting the 2 CCW 's from if you roll a 6 and they get a power weapon. The way it's phrased it sounds like they gain a power weapon in addition to their close combat weapon, rather than replacing it.
Exactly :grin:

That sounds like a fairly good deal! Although I wouldnt use them as chosen. I would model them as Possessed, add the odd bolt pistol in, and play them as Khorne Berzerkers
1 - 2 of 14 Posts
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