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Early 40K Artwork on Show

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Hi Everyone!
Here's a good opportunity to see some GW illustrations in the flesh and maybe own a piece of WH40K history...
I'm holding an exhibition of my black and white illustration at a new art gallery in Luton. I'll be featuring my illustration originals from Warhammer 40,000 Including five from the first ever 40K rulebook from 20 years ago (which were also my first ever published illustrations!) and many more from the formative years of 40k and White Dwarf. I'll also be featuring illos from the recent fighting fantasy gamebook Bloodbones , Spectral Stalkers, etc. I'm opening it on Thursday May 3rd for one month at this gallery:
http://www.directart.ltd.uk just yards from Luton train station
and many of these pictures will be for sale
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Alas! A Games Workshop artist who can afford a jet is like a dog which speaks norwegian!!!
The Exhibition is now open, until the end of the month. As promised artwork from the very first 40K rulebook, as well as Realm of Chaos, Warhammer Siege and what would have been Battlefleet Gothic (Long story!!!) are included.
1 - 3 of 6 Posts
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