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Spartangames forums don't have much in the way of lists at the moment, so thought i'd post my thoughts for my Republique of France faction. I am a noob to the game, but starting to pick it up better with each new game. I would like some feedback if possible so I can think about my next purchases:


- Saint Malo: w/Elite Crew: 230pts

- Couronne Aircraft Carrier w/Cloud Gen: 165pts


- Toulon x3: 255pts

- Cherbourg x1: 110pts

- Cherbourg x1: 110pts


- Lyon x4: 100pts


This is quite a heat lance heavy list: Toulon's, Cherbourgs (x3 heat lances/lancettes per vessel! But a glass cannon...) and one on the Couronne. The Saint Malo has more strength in range band 4 with Rockets and automatically receives 6 submarines. The Lyons make up the compulsory small vessels. 16 tiny flier tokens.

The past few games I have been experimenting with lots of Aerial units supporting my Naval core. So have taken a Toribillion Sky Fortress and Couronne together for 22 tiny flier tokens, and made most dive bombers, one spotter and maybe a fighter squadron to screen. However, this sometimes seems like overkill (never got to attack with all of them in my last game), especially with a Frelon (medium Bonber) squadron of 5 (that don't seem to do much) and x2 Voltaires, which have been quite killy but are quite pricey at 65pts a pop...
My Marseilles destroyers haven't impressed me at all: They never make there points back, so this is why I have been thinking about subbing for heat lance medium vessels like the Cherbourg.

I would kind of like a mix of heat lance naval vessels supported by Voltaires and a decent number of tiny flier tokens. Viable?
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