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I have

10 quarrellers

10 thunderers with full command

23 warriors with great weapons and full command

20 warriors with shields and full command, 3-5 midly converted into chaos dwarfs

A thane from BFSP

5-10 hammerers with command (Numbers unsure, still digging them up)

A good condition Dwarf Armybook

2 beastmen Bray shaman both slightly painted

About 2 and a half beastman herds, more gor than ungor, Wont bother to count now, but if your interested will post exact number, both with full command, some midly to almost completely painted.

I am looking for Dark elves of pretty much any description money would also be acceptable prices negiotable of course, just leave a post or message me if your interested.
1 - 2 of 2 Posts
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