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For many years I've played Warhammer 40k and Warhammer Fantasy/Age of Sigmar, but recently I've found myself longing to play Napoleonic games. This comes from a childhood love of the Sharpe books and TV Series.

Having purchased some beautiful 6mm miniatures from Baccus, I got to painting them: https://imgur.com/gallery/x1hioMY This unit will be the 48th Regiment of Foot (Northamptonshire).

However, I never found a ruleset that appeals to me. Unlike Games Workshop games there is a massive divide in the Historic Wargaming community and no one company that gives the area focus. Therefore I decided to write my own set of rules for the period based on data from that time.

My latest post has just been published on my blog:

If you fancy getting into rule writing, then please take a look and offer any suggestions you think may be suitable.

And I will post the links to further articles on here, as well as pictures of any models I paint.
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