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I've pretty much sorted out the colour schemes for this chapter, all I need now is some history.
The basics of the chapter:
Dark Angels successor
Preference stealth and ranged combat
Chapter Insignia is undecided
Special units, Wraithwing, focus on stealth and sabotage (Night lords/Raven Guard)

Chapter Master: Leonis Crepuscal (Can be founder or second CM)
Company Master: Aphos Persica
Chaplain: Calagin Etosha

The Midnight Claw: Lightning claw wielded by the Company Master of the Wraithwing (Can be renamed/reassigned)

Warcry: "Darkness Falls"

Examples of colour schemes

Company Master

Wraithwing Marine

Tactical Marine

Assault Marine

Any additions to the history of this chapter as well as a founding date would be very appreciated thank you.

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Well it seems you have the general idea well thought out. Unless I misunderstood you want a Dark Angels successor that seems more in line with the Night Lords or Raven Guard due to their preference for stealth combat.

You can always use Baron Spikey's very snazzy Space Marine Chapter Generator, its pretty interesting and I believe it actually came from the Deathwatch Rites of Battle supplement. Alternatively you can do it yourself without that but the idea here is to find yourself a 'hook' per say.

That is can you summarize these guys in a short phrase? Example, the Space Wolves are Viking werewolves. The Black Templars are religious fanatics that spaz out. This concept was something I picked up over at Bolter and Chainsword and it applies well to any DIY Chapter.

What you need to do it write down or think out a list of questions to ask yourself and come up with answers for them.

Dark Angels tend to be long-range fighters, relying upon heavy weapons and rapid strikes. Why do the Dusk Panthers rely on stealth?

I assume the Wraithwing is a slight deviation from the tradition Death or Raven Wings of the Dark Angels. Why did the Dusk Panthers change it? Did something happen over their history that made them turn to a stealthier approach?

What Founding are they from? As a word of advice, I wouldn't recommend putting Unknown down, as it comes across as ill-thought out. Yes, we don't know where a lot of the 'named only' chapters come from but most of the more popular ones we at least have an idea. Even the DoW Chapter, the Blood Ravens, say they believe they were apart of an early founding and give clues as to what millennium they think they came from.

What about the Fallen? All Dark Angels successors know about the Fallen (well ... their Inner Circles anyway) and all are generally expected to hunt them down. Since you have a Wraithwing I can assume they're meant to hunt the fallen? Or maybe not? The Dark Angels carry knowledge of the Fallen around like a dirty sin, whereas their successors in the Angels of Absolution do not feel as much guilt over the matter. Both still hunt the Fallen, one just beats themselves up more for it.

What of their homeworld? Does the Chapter even have a homeworld? Is it fleet based? If not, then what type of homeworld do they come from? Is it a dark, pollution choked Hive World hellhole that squeaks out an existence? Perhaps its a Feral World that is covered mostly in oceans? In any situation the possibilities are limitless, but ultimately homeworlds affect your Chapter in fundamental ways. Fenris has definitely affected the Wolves, while Nocturne affects the Salamanders. Another dark question to ask is -- if they don't have a homeworld or at least did have one at one more ... why did they lose it? Perhaps the Fallen are behind this? Or just a bit of bad luck?

These are just some of the questions to ask yourself and think on as you develop your Chapter. You don't, obviously, have to get into great detail or length about all of them. If your Chapter was apart of the, for example, 8th Founding and that's it -- just say they're apart of the 8th Founding. If your homeworld is little more than a typical feral world where barbarians live a hard life and therefore create great recruits, just put that. Beyond that there should be something you go into detail about, some part of the Chapter that defines it and gives it it's character.

EDIT: Also I'm not sure, but this may more appropriate in the 40K Fluff Homebrew section?
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