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That’s quite a lot of units.

You could build a few army’s with that! Pile of units! I suggest the following.
- Chaos lord on bike or steed. (MOK)
- Chaos lord on food (MON)
- 2 units of Zerkers (in Rhino) Squads of 6
- 2 units of Chaos Space Marines (in Rhino) Squads of 10 with two special weapons
- 2 units of Nurgle Squads of 7 with two special weapons
- 1 heldrake
- Bikes of Spawn for escort for the MOK chaos lord.
- 3 Obliterators
- 2 Maulerfiend.
- 2 units of terminators (depending on points maybe in landraiders)

Quite a fluffy in your face force, other changes would be to drop some of the marines for cultists.
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