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Hi guys.

I have just dug out my CSM for the basement, some of the vehicles is somewhat damaged/not finishes and I want to build a army with a Word Bearer theme, with option of Nurgle,Thousand Sons, Khorne and Noise Marine support.

I only had a few games with them in 6th ed. because i wanted to check them out before I invested in some of the new models.
Most of the army is bought 2nd hand or just collected over the years because it/the unit could be nice to have...
The new unit is from xmas and birthday.

The below is not intended as a show of, -look at all the units I have.
I truely want and need good and solid advice on a good WB build fluff vice with support of 1k sons etc.

I have:
3x CSM units from the Dark Vengeance box
Llmost every HQ option on GW, 90% ish
10 Terminators
10 Possessed
3 Mutilators (metal Obliterators not converted yet)
12 Khorne Berzerkers
20 Thousand Sons
25 Plague Marines
5 Noise Marines
30 CSM (intent to make 20 WB)
4 Rhinos
1 Heldrake
5 Chaos Bikers
8 Raptors
5 Warp Talons
3 Spawn's (1 Nurgle)
3 Obliterators (6 if I dont convert 3 to Mutilators)
2 Forgefiend/Maulerfiend
1 Defiler
3 LR
4 Rhinos
2 Predator (1 0ld ed)
1 Vindicator
1 Havocs unit, not built yet.

As said, I intend to make most of the army in WB theme. but I dont know/is uncertain about the LR's and Rhinos to start with. should I only make/paint 1 LR and 2 Rhions WB theme?
And what about the last 2 LR's & Rhinos? what chaos God/unit should they go too, Khorne Berzerkers, Thousand Sons, Plague Marines, Noise Marines.

And what about the rest of the units, would it make sense to make/paint "it all" WB theme, or what would work best fluff and game vice?

Thank you.

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