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Like mine?

Pharika, Phaerakh of the New Arachnovahk Dynasty.
Monstrous Creature(character) WS(4) BS(4) S(6) T(6) W(3) I(2) A(2) Sv(3+) LD(10)
Special Rules
Independent Character
Scarab Hive
Move The Nest ( When this model is removed from play as a causality, roll a D6. place that many Scarab Swarm bases in its place. )
The Spider's Mourning ( Once per game you may nominate an enemy unit within 6" of Pharika. that unit must make a fear check. Models with the Fearless and They Shall Know No Fear Special Rules still make this check. )
Gloom Prism
Twin-linked Particle Beamer
Fabricator Claw Array*
Gauntlet of Fire
Gauntlet of The Conflagrator
Phase Shifter
Nightmare Shroud
Counts as an overlord
240 Pts
* might be going
1 - 1 of 1 Posts
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