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Why does the shooting profile of the Celestial Lance have Spirit Shatter if that rule's effect only takes place in close combat on the turn the model charges?

...or should the rule for Spirit Shatter say something along the lines of "when a character/MC is reduced to 0 wounds by either a shooting attack or an attack made by the weilder on the turn he charges into combat"? That still sounds a little rough to read but is a bit more specific about when the rule takes place. I get that someone's gunna blow up at 0 wounds because of this and that's cool, but it seems the 'how' is a bit muddy in the wording that you presently have.

EDIT: I feel like if you took SS off the shooting profile, deleted the first comma, and changed the "and AP-" to "at AP-" it would make a lot more sense. I guess either that or make it sound like it works for the shooting profile as well..?
1 - 2 of 2 Posts
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