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Of the twelve runefangs in exsistance two are not held by their intended elector count due to the fact the province is no longer there, the most famous is solland ofcourse but i want to know more about Drakwald does anyone have any info on it?

I'm considering restarting my empire army with the models i didn't paint originally and all the lovely new plastics the empire now have, i've even picked a colour scheme for Drakwald Half darkish purple half darkish geen and Drakwalds symbol would be a burnt (lightning hit) tree.

I only ask because the fluff for my new army relies on a decendant of the former elector count, Konrad Aldrech (thinking of calling his decendant Evan Aldrech)

Does anyone have any info or ideas about the creation of my army? Not much fluff discussion in this section so i'm hoping to ressurect it :p
1 - 1 of 4 Posts
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