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No actual info/background for ya, but happy to riff on a few themes.

If you've got a dispossessed lord with a bunch of followers living in an area with lots of forest, that kinda sounds like the Robin Hood stories to me. Which suggests several possibilities. Perhaps there's a fat preacher involved. Perhaps some of your army are crack-shots (Hochland longrifles maybe?). Huntsmen or some such. Maybe they are actually all outlaws - their crime? Refusing to accept the 'new order' in the (former) province of Drakwald...

Returning to religion, perhaps they're really devout, and are banded together to clear the forest of Abomination (of which there's plenty, no?). Lots of flagellents and/or knightly orders for this one I'd suggest. Again preachers (fat or not) might be expected to make an appearence.

Or are they the tatty militia remnants of a vanished society, with broken spears and a brace of pistols between them, eking out a pitiful existence amid the decaying glory of a once-great city? In this case, though you might get flagellents (apocalyptic cults thrive on this sort of thing I'm led to believe) the rest of the army should be kinda grizzled - a mix of the really hardass and the really desperate...

Don't know if this is any help, but I guess what you're looking for is a way in to 'who they are'... hope it's some use.

1 - 1 of 4 Posts
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