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Dragon Slayers:A Space Marine Chapter UPDATED 23-6-14

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Liberian Santon Reaves stood there, looking out on the vast blackness of space, he was on the bridge of the battle barge the Vindicator. The chapter master Ashor Talros came to join him on the front of the figurehead.
"I can feel the disruption in the warp", said Santon his force staff in one hand.
"Who"asked Ashor
"The heretics"replied santion

Hey guys, this is my plog for my first "complete" army a chapter using the salamander gene seed.

what's going to be in the army

+++  Dragon Slayers Second  Company (1496pts) +++
    * Chapter Tactics

+ HQ +

    * Librarian Santon Reaves
        Auspex, Digital Weapons, Mastery Level 2, Melta Bombs
            Boltgun, Force Maul, The Shield Eternal

+ Elites +

    * Venerable  Dreadnought Sivan Decktus
        Extra Armour, Multi-Melta, 
        * Dreadnaught Power Fist
            Storm Bolter
        * Drop Pod
            Storm Bolter

    * Terminator Assault Squad Vandar
        2x Swap Lightning Claws for TH/SS, , 5x Terminators, Terminator Sergeant Uriel Vandar

+ Troops +

    * Tactical Squad Israr
        (And They Shall Know no Fear, Chapter Tactics, Combat Squads)
        Heavy Bolter,9x Space Marines
        * Veteran  Space Marine Sergeant Modun  Israr
Chainsword, Combi-flamer , 

* Rhino (The Package)
          Extra Armour	

    * Tactical Squad Argus
        Meltagun, Missile Launcher,  9x Space Marine
        * Veteran  Space Marine Sergeant lothian
            Chainsword, Combi-grav , 

    * Tactical Squad Galar
        Lascannon, 9x Space Marine
        * Veteran  Space Marine Sergeant Septemus  Galar
            Chainsword, Combi-weapon, 

+ Heavy Support +
    * Stormraven Gunship The Winged Falcon
        Extra Armour, Hurricane Bolters, Searchlight, Storm Strike Missile, Twin Linked Lascannons, Twin Linked Multi Meltas

    * Thunderfire Cannon Stomshell
finally a marine form squad israr

i think this is one of the better maines i have done as the red has smooth and does not show brush strokes, i also think that eyes accurately. for the colour scheme i used mainly Mephiston Red,Ushabti Bone,Jokaero Orange

any C&C welcome
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i like the scheme and i actually quite liked the orange - however i think that colour (either orange or green) should be kept for the lenses, then use a metal on the helmet tubes & centre of the harness.

Always good to see more sallies, even if they aren't exactly sallies :) DO you have a chapter badge in mind?

p.s - The blue purity seals are a nice touch :victory:
1 - 1 of 13 Posts
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