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Pretty cheese I know but here goes
Gk main force
Gk librarian lv3 daemon hammer liber daemonica 165
Gk strike squad x10 daemon hammer psycannon x2 250
Gk strike squad x5 daemon hammer psycannon 155
Kaildor draigo warlord 245
Allies red scorpions
Loth 175
Space marines x9 plasma gun drop pod 186
Dev centurians x5 seargent t link lascannon omni scope missile launcher 4x grav cannons 4x missile launchers 470

So librarian rolls on both santic for sanctuary and div for perfect timing
Loth can choose his powers from telep telek and Biom so invisibility yes please and 2 other good ones any ideas? Draigo for gate have the three characters join the cents and gate about the board effectively punching out a unit per turn loth and the librarian buff the unit and the rest hold objectives combat squad the 10 man unit of gks and watch as I either fail all my psychic tests or laugh as they try to shoot the unit to death or tie me up as I then gate from combat.

I know the list loses to tank lists such as guard+da or orks green tide but against most meta lists and if I get my average of powers off I rate my chances 8/10 woo
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