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It's not awful, certainly, with a nasty trick, but frankly I'm not sure how it's much better than Tigurius/Loth added to 3 Gravturions. Lolth with 3 Gravturions, picking Invisibility, Perfect Timing and Prescience is going to rip up basically any unit you care to mention with the exception of 10-man Paladin squads, Hive Tyrant + Tyrant Guard with Catalyst etc. and even then it's going to take them apart in just a few turns. Adding an extra two pricey dudes, adding Missile Launchers, and then attaching more characters just seems highly unnecessary.

EDIT: Just in case anyone ever comes back and reads this, I made a big boo-boo on Loth - first, he can only pick powers from one Discipline, and second, he doesn't get Divination. Still, Tigurius can get Perfect Timing/Prescience with fair reliability and often throws in Forewarning for good measure, so the point still stands.
1 - 1 of 1 Posts
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