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So my new basis is dragblud has his ass kicked and is now going round getting/blackmailing/theiving units off other ork armys. Anyways the List!!! I know its double FOC chart but we have rules for just a single one to start :p

HQ. Warboss, Power klaw, twin linked shootta, 'Eavy armpr, attack squig.

Troops, Nobz x10, power klaw x 4, Big choppa x 4, 'Eavy, Waaagh Banner, twin linked shoota.

Troops, Boyz x11, Nob with Power klaw and bosspole, trukk with red paint job, grot riggers.

HQ, Weirdboy with Warphead (with the boys squad)

Troops, Grotz x19, Runtherd with grot prod.

Elite, Loota x10, 2 Meks

Elite, burna x10, 2 Meks with grot oilers

Heavy support, Looted wagonn, Skorcha, Big shoota x2, Grot riggers.

Heavy support, Battlewagon, Kilcannon, grot rigger, kannon, big shoota x 4

Heavy support, big guuns, 2 Zzap, 1 Kannon, ammor tnuts x3, Grot krew x6, Runtherd.

Troops, Boys x12, nob with power klaw, bosspole, ard boys.

Fast attack, Dakkajet, Twin supa shoota, red paint job, Fighta ace.

Fast attack, Deff koptas x3

SO thats the first idea and I have most of the models which is a relief for once! woop!

The warboss and nobs in the battlewagon flanked by the 2 trukks and wagon (ful of burna boys) backed up by the lootas big guns. once the boys are out charge and create chaos with weirdboy. Then before they hit deffkoptas dropping bomms and the dakkajet murdering characters and infantry.

But! My ideas are to change

1. Remove grots out of the picture and add buzzsaws to the deffkoptas for extra bite.

Could make the koptas more nasty and with the scout and hit and run it can tie up strong dakka enemies.

2. Remove Weirdboy, grots, and big guns for:

HQ, Big mek, shokk attack gun, burna, eavy armour, ammo runt, cybork body, attack squig.

Troops, Deff dread, 2 close combat weapons, grot riggers, armor plates.

Losing the guns and the chaotic weirdboy for shokk attack which is quite crazy and cool then the dread for some proper stomping power. But i have neither models :(

So hit me with all the advice!!! :D go go go shred the list help me rebuild make a strong force!

Ohh my next opponent is either Eldar or dark eldar and he has a wraithknight so how to kill that too?


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Well just throwing my thoughts at you; firstly this for an ork list doesn't seem to have enough troops something like 23 boys, 19 grots and 10 nobs while the nobs would be hard to kill in theory they will either be busy killing things or be dead because they are actually a threat.

Next which is basically part of the same point there seems to be a lot of toys in the list with wagons, lootas, looted wagon, a jet and some deffkoptas while potentially powerful it also stops you from scoring.

Thats about it for the list itself. Now ill make a bit of a comment on your alterations:

In mu opinion don't rid of the grots you need the troops maybe reduce them to 10 and a runtherd if you need a couple of points, also they can be very useful I've found with one minimum squad in just about all of my lists.

Maybe a switch of the weird boy and big guns could be useful, shokk attack guns can be useful or pointless but usually balances out. The dread in the other hand depends on how you use it. Ive found unless your running a apocalyse dream mob or the forge world army list both which function as squads of dreads, which can be thrown forwards without much harm to you. A single dread doesn't seem to work but they can be a very good objective defender but as a vehicle he cannot claim but if he works tag team with some grots the could hold an objective which would be hard to take.

Well thats it for now.
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