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DP loading

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Ok well heres my list.




5 Fiends - might

5 Fiends - might

3 Flamers


5 Horrors - Bolt

5 Horrors - Bolt

5 Plaguebearers - Icon

Fast attack

5 Flesh hounds


DP - MoN, Wings, Iron hide, Unholy might

DP - MoT, Bolt, Gaze, Iron hide

1500 points

Tested it several times and i'm just getting better and better at running with it so pretty happy with the general structure.

What i'm looking at is my bolt prince. My secondary wave is the horrors, hounds and the bolt prince to provide a shooty wave of support. The thing i'm finding is when this wave arrives first its forcing my opponents to move into cover, which in turn effects my fiends later in game as they're wasting their I5 having to assult into cover.

What i'm looking at doing is converting the DP into MoS, Unholy might, Musk and Pavane.

Plan being throw him deep possibly along with the flamers and pavine units out of cover. I'd assume atleast some of my fast assulty units (hounds/fiends) should be ready to pouce by then leaving the prince to hit and run his way to draw more out of cover.

Has anyone tried this setup? Should it work with my current list or is the extra bolt going to be more effective in the long run?
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