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So another 600 points each tournament and this time I'm determined to take my blood angels. My mate will be running as many imperial guard as he can fit in but I want to try something different.

Here's the list:

Sanguinary Priest w/jump pack and melta bombs

Five scouts w/sniper rifles and heavy bolter

Five scouts w/sniper rifles and heavy bolter

Aegis Defence Line w/Quad Gun

So obviously one unit of scouts bunkers down with the quad gun, the other can go in the aegis or simply hang out in whatever cover they can find while mephiston and the priest jump pack/psychically hop around the table in a FnP bubble giggling as mephiston hacks up whatever he can find.

So i see this as an easy win/get absolutely massacred army. My only issue is objective claiming, with only one unit of scouts to do it without abandoning the quad gun mephiston has his work cut out and he can't be everywhere at once.

So what do you guys reckon? Is this a workable list? Any advice would be grand.
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