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Hi All,

Me and a friend are going to a double tourney - 800tps each, no limits. How every both of us have been out of the tourney scene for the past 4 years, we are upto date on the rules, but in terms of competitive metagaming, we are a little light. Necron's still seem a solid choice and so we are staying with them.

We would really like input from you guys on the lists though, everything is a really tight squeeze to get the most out of the 800pts so if you have any advice that would be great.

List one

Mephrit Dynasty - 800pts

HQ -
OverLord (210pts)- this beast goes with the LychGuard in the Scythe and goes after the biggest threat on the Board
Phase Shift
Res Orb
Solar Thermasite
The Nightshroud
Edge of Eternity

Cryptek (80pts)- Also with the LychGuard. But purely there for the +1 RP and Solar staff, so when they come down on the beams they can only be hit on snapshots
Solar Staff

5 LychGuard (255pts)
Warscythes - These and the Lord provide me with a nice alternative to the Wraithwing


3 x 5 Immortals (255pts)

List Two

Decurion Detachment - 798pts

Basic Rec Legion - 479pts
Overlord - Staff of Light
5 Immortals
2 x 10 Warriors
3 Tomb Blades

Aux - 319pts - There to scare the pants of people!
3 Scarabs
1 Spyder
5 Wraiths (3 w/ whipcoils)
- - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - -
Basically wanting to get the most out of each list.

Couple of questions though, hoping you guys can provide the answers

1/. Are both lists legal in terms of the force org (or lack there of)?
2/. Are there any glaring changes that need to be made, anything that you would take instead?
3/. What do you think against facing off against this list?
- what would you be scared of?
- what would you be able to pick off easily?
- what would be target priority?
4/. What would this list struggle against?

Thanks so much in advance guys, I really appreciate your feedback

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