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Whilst it's obvious a lot of work has gone into it, I really like the artwork, I was quite disappionted. Why?
I was lurking around there at the time it was really getting off the ground. Seeing what they were up to, I put in a little bit of stuff to see if I could be a part of it. What I did was what thought I could see they were doing- just a little bit of moving stuff around, you know, traitors are loyal and vice versa, changing some of the battles around; interesting and fun. The response I got was that what I had done was not what they were after; I had just done a bit of swapsies, but I was told that they would be looking at the entire Heresy and looking at re-building it from the ground up. Did they need an Issvaan? Should there even be a Siege of Terra and that sort of thing? I was a bit confused by this and so I bowed out. I thought of looking back at a later date to see what they had decided on, maybe trying to get involved when I could be more in tune with what they were after, but in the end forgot about it. So I was really disappointed when I saw that it was just a re-branding of loyalist to traitor, plus whatever bits of fanwank. The Black Templars? Abbaddon taking charge over living Primarchs?
I've not said how I feel about this until now because I was never sure if it was sour grapes I was feeling about my small contribution (and it was tiny, truly infinitesimal) being rejected and a little brusquely at that (I was more annoyed that noone liked what I'd written, and not a little embarrassed!).
If they'd have gone through with what it seemed they were planning right at the beginning, then it would have been absolutely amazing. As it is, well, I'm not a fan. Would anyone have guessed?

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