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Doom vs Transports and G2G

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Right. My own gaming group has ruled that the Doom doesn't hurt units in transports but I was recently playing a game where we decided we would use the Adepticrap FAQ answer to see if it made much difference to our game, seeing as they have an inordinate influence on the seemingly lazy GW Faq'ers.

So the Doom doesn't fly Ryanair (didn't deviate massively from intended target) and does his thing on 2 units in tanks.

Adepticon says I get a 4+ cover being in a transport so I said I would go to ground to make it a 3+. We argued for a while before dicing off and I could go to ground inside my tank. He killed a few and the tank they were in (not gone to ground) drove off.

After the game we were wondering about this evil piece of rules lawyering on my part. There's nothing on pg 28 that says you can't do it from inside a tank but that's probably because there's nothing else that hits units in tanks if you're not playing with the Adepticon rules.

As GW haven't put out a FAQ but often follow the answers put out by this crowd I'm wondering how people will treat this. Hopefully GW will see sense and not go with it but if it does lazily follow rather than lead, how would you play the above example?
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Well, fluffvise it makes little sense to G2G in a transport. But there is nothing saying you can't. The problem is then what consequences it should have on the embarked units. Or just the fact that it's totally irrelevant as the Doom has no functional rules. No matter what adepticon rules it's about as useful as barf in a bag since it's not official (unless youre playing at adepticon).

I suggest you make your own rulings instead. They are as good an interpretation as everyone else's and we won't get yet another mile long thread discussing the rules of a unit that makes little sense.

Curse you Cruddace! Curse you all the way to hell!
Please don't make us reanimate this abomination of a rules argument.

It's the Doom of Malantai from the nid dex we are talking about.
Say hallo to the worst written rules by the worst writer in the history of writing.
Well, the Doom doesn't shoot, target or use a psychic power. And another effect in the codex specifically state it works on embarked units. So there is a debate, but not one with a definitive answer. As such I will refer to my own suggestion:
Again, make up your own faq to avoid endless and ultimately pointless arguments.
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