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Does Umbral Falcons exist as a chapter?

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A friend of mine had to move to another country and sold me one of his armies. It's a Space marine army which is black as main colour, purple trim and bone white face plates.

He said that they are of the chapter Umbral Falcons which he had seen a picture of in one White Dwarf magazine.

I have google searched for this chapter, and searched through various sites listing chapters. But I have found nothing.

He has been into this hobby for like 20 years and has been an Outrunner for GW, so I don't think that he has made it up himself.

But does anyone know anything about them, or know in which White Dwarf the said picture can be?
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There's nothing about them anywhere in the usual sites. I guess he made them up, unless he saw a picture of someone else's models in a showcase, and he's copied them.

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