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Does Umbral Falcons exist as a chapter?

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A friend of mine had to move to another country and sold me one of his armies. It's a Space marine army which is black as main colour, purple trim and bone white face plates.

He said that they are of the chapter Umbral Falcons which he had seen a picture of in one White Dwarf magazine.

I have google searched for this chapter, and searched through various sites listing chapters. But I have found nothing.

He has been into this hobby for like 20 years and has been an Outrunner for GW, so I don't think that he has made it up himself.

But does anyone know anything about them, or know in which White Dwarf the said picture can be?
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I remember those guys from a White Dwarf, but I cant be arsed to start searching for the one in which they were featured on a page... I dont remember everything, but the guy that had made the army had just randomly mixed colors, and then he had decided to go with an "Beeaky" MK.6 Helmet army, with loads of Commander backpacks... Also, if I remember correctly, he used Grey Knight weapons for his veterans... I dont remember if he had given a name to the chapter, but they are clearly the same chapter as those you have on the picture, so they do exist, but how canon they are, thats not clear to me, cause they were made by a GW Hobby Center guy if I remember correctly... Hope this helps! :victory:

- Doe out
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