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Demon Prince - 205
Mark of Tzeench
Wind of chaos

(yes I understand lash princes are better but I'm trying to go themed with black legion and I've modled the hell out of this prince to give him a large dragonfaced hand to breathe warp fire from, wings and a bird head so I can't really change it :grin:)


Chaos Space Marines x10 - 190
Icon of Chaos Glory
Plasma gun x2

Khorn Berserkersx8 - 258
Skull Champion w/ Power fist and personal icon
Rhino w/ Combi-melta

Thousand Sons x6 - 273
Sorcerer w/ Bolt of change and personal icon

Lesser daemon x8 - 104

Lesser daemons x8 - 104


Chosen x9 - 237
Melta Gun x2
Flamer x2
Aspiring champion with powerfist
Icon of chaos glory

Heavy support

Defiler - 150

Defiler - 150

Obliterator x1 - 75

I know obliterators are best taken as a pair but I thought maybe using it as a deepstrike to take out the rear of a tank with either a twin linked melta or multi melta and from there it can die because it just paid for itself. I've been running a single defiler for a while and it seems like people like to kill it first turn with whatever they can, however it's much more difficult to kill two in one turn.

For the elites I used to outflank them in a rhino but I've just had too many games where they end up on the board turn 5 :unsure: so I'm thinking about just infiltrating them and getting my daemons in that much closer on turn 2/3. If that means I should change up their special weapons then I'm more than open to suggestions.

For the troops I think the daemons are awesome for their low price since they can charge on the deepstrike for their points (13 per :grin:). The Thousand sons are my MeQ killers or objective campers, khorn berserkers are obvious, and the regular marines are just kinda. . . .there (had 'em built them and thought they weren't so bad considering they're decent in CC and the plasma guns tend to fend off termies/light vehicles).

So there it is!! Please help and let me know what yall think I'll have problems with. Thanks in advance! :wink:

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Hey, you might get (you will get, I mean) more advice if you post this in the Chaos Marines sub-forum - frothing nutters who will happily give you the ins and outs of Mark of Slaanesh v Mark of Nurgle or why point-for-point Raptors are so much beterr than Berzerkers, are waiting to take your call...

:hope you find out what you want to know cyclops:

I Piss in your Cheerios
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Bah! Raptors are shit, 'Zerkers awesome! Maybe a slight exaggeration there...

Anyway, I'd never give regular CSM Plasma, only Plague Marines, due to the FnP.

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Not a bad looking list. I am not sure that daemons can assault after deep strike (my codex is at home and I hardly ever use them). I do think that your defiler's will be fire magnets though. Mine hasn't survived past turn 4 in many moons.

Just a suggestion about getting your deepstrikers in with precision though is to take a group of bikes with icon (give em an icon of nurgle for extra nastiness). Also you can give your bikers a meltagun to give them some anti armor punch. Red orc's comment about raptors is also very valid. I sometimes use mine to bound forward with icon.

This list does look real tough and I would love to hear how it does.
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