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I know generally the answer to this is that it is the quality of writing and story that matter most, but over the last year there has definitely been a trend at BL for shorter novels such as Skitarius and The Beast Arises series.

However, looking at my book shelf it is plain to see that a fair few "classic" releases from BL's earlier years would indeed fit this "short novel" format. I know word count is the only accurate measure as pages, font size and hardback/premium paperback format all make book length variable but I am not about to count words...but some examples include (just story not adverts or authors notes etc):

Angles of Darkness = 278pgs
Ghostmaker = 287pgs
Execution Hour = 319pgs
The Necromunda books = 254pgs
The Calpurnia books = 320/254pgs

Would gladly take these shorter books over some of the awful padded 400pg plus books we were getting a few years back.

So that said so far been very happy with The Beast Arises series. All three books have been good and feel the right length. What do you guys all think?
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