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Does fluff matter to you?

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I'm asking this question because over the past few years I've been hearing more and more people talking about fluff. I've been around this game since the day's of RT and the fluff (and game) were very different then today. Most people didn't talk about fluff, well nothing like they do now.

As for me I do enjoy fluff but in my opinion it has no bearing on how the game is played so at the end of the day fluff is just some stories that take place in the 40k world. I'm not calling anyone out with this but i don't understand why people let the fluff decide the game for them. It's just going to change again.

As I said the fluff is very different now and it even contradicts it self, so again I ask does fluff matter to you?
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I make a point of knowing the fluff intimately, and build my armies around that rather than what's simply good in the game. Wargames are, generally speaking, about creating as realistic a representation as you can on the table of a battle. In the case of Warhammer 40,000, the intent is to bring the 41st Millenium to life on the table. If you have an army thrown together of things that are good together because of how the rules read, it's not really in the spirit of that. That's really why I hate the new Chaos Space Marine codex... you can have, and are encouraged to have, an army that just wouldn't exist-- for example, a Lord of Slaanesh leading a bunch of Khorne Berserkers around.

I happily leave things out of my armies that might be better off in them if it makes more sense fluff-wise. You won't find Terminators in my Space Marine army unless we're playing a really big game where you'd actually have 1st Company support, or I'm using the Deathwing rules. Similarly, I don't bring Scouts unless we're playing a big game or the scenario calls for a scout unit (as opposed to a Scout unit-- there are scenarios where a forward recon unit makes sense to have around.) I limit myself to twenty Assault Marines and twenty Devastator Marines in a given army, because that's what a Battle Company has to call upon. If I bring a Land Speeder in a 2000 point game, then I either have an eight-strong assault squad and a ten-strong squad, or I simply don't bring one of the assault squads. The same goes with tanks-- if I bring a Predator, which has a crew of two Astartes, then there'll be eighteen Devastators left to work with.
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