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Does fluff matter to you?

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I'm asking this question because over the past few years I've been hearing more and more people talking about fluff. I've been around this game since the day's of RT and the fluff (and game) were very different then today. Most people didn't talk about fluff, well nothing like they do now.

As for me I do enjoy fluff but in my opinion it has no bearing on how the game is played so at the end of the day fluff is just some stories that take place in the 40k world. I'm not calling anyone out with this but i don't understand why people let the fluff decide the game for them. It's just going to change again.

As I said the fluff is very different now and it even contradicts it self, so again I ask does fluff matter to you?
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Yeah, absolutely. And I'm not offended at all, and I hope you don't think I'm having a go either, I'm really not, I just don't understand why anyone really cares that much about the rules.

It's true that various bits of the fluff have really changed since the old days. Did someone mention Zoats? Jokero digital weapons? The Squat Worlds? But...

The rules change too. So why base how you play the game on them? There'll just be a new edition out in a few years...

No really, it's a serious question.

I started playing Warhammer many years ago through RPGs, where it's primarily the unfolding story that's important (I know some people used to play D&D to 'win' but I never got that either). Even now, I'd much rather play in a campaign than just have a battle. Math-hammer never really appealed, and that's all it is without fluff, as far as I can see - two guys shouting numbers at each other until one 'wins'. May as well play 'rock paper scissors' as far as I can tell. I'd rather co-operate with my 'opponent' to tell a story any day.

Not the only way to play, obviously, but by far the one I prefer.

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