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Does fluff matter to you?

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I'm asking this question because over the past few years I've been hearing more and more people talking about fluff. I've been around this game since the day's of RT and the fluff (and game) were very different then today. Most people didn't talk about fluff, well nothing like they do now.

As for me I do enjoy fluff but in my opinion it has no bearing on how the game is played so at the end of the day fluff is just some stories that take place in the 40k world. I'm not calling anyone out with this but i don't understand why people let the fluff decide the game for them. It's just going to change again.

As I said the fluff is very different now and it even contradicts it self, so again I ask does fluff matter to you?
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Everyone makes good points, I to fell in love with the RPG aspect of the game but in my opinion that aspect of the game is long gone. I love story arcs for campaigns but it does get hard to to that when they are changing the fluff every codex.

Now I ask do any of you build a army based on fluff? And would you do that even if it means that you're army might not be as good as the same army type that was built to be more effective?
That's really why I hate the new Chaos Space Marine codex... you can have, and are encouraged to have, an army that just wouldn't exist-- for example, a Lord of Slaanesh leading a bunch of Khorne Berserkers around.
Thats what I'm getting at. The fluff for Chaos now is that a army like this wouldn't be uncommon. So why would someone build there army around fluff only to have the fluff change? Yes things (in fluff) would change over time but Chaos now is NOTHING like it was a few version ago, the same can be said for DA they are NOTHING like they were back in the angels of death days.:ireful2:

Building you're army around the company format makes sense to me, even if I wouldn't do it that way.

Please keep it going everyone, I want to know if I am the only person that feels this way.
Some armies are a lot easier to build without fluff than others. Chaos is pretty tough to build without fluff. Vanilla marines, IG, and Orks don't have much of a problem building armies just by picking stuff off the list.
I don't understand how Chaos is tough to build without fluff. Under the new army rules/fluff you can take just about anything without an explanation. Chaos now is more about undivided than the pure army lists.

And yes some armies are much easier to build with little to no fluff. But all can be built this way that is the way they are writen.
Chaos undivided is easy to build without fluff. But 95% of the time, the chaos factions do not ally with each other unless it suits them. So it made no sense to have plague marines, Thousand Sons, Noise Marines, and World Eaters. They hate each other
I'm not going to turn this into a issue of Chaos but, it does makes sense for a powerfull lord to have all of the mentioned in his warband for the simple fact that he can use all the help he can get and what the hell does he care about any beef the gods have with one another. That and the fact that there isn't that anomasity rule anymore. So as it stands now with the fluff a mixed army for chaos wouldn't be uncommon.

This is for kharnthebetrayer, I love the fact that you made fluff for you're army. To me that is more along the lines of what the game should be not taking every once of fluff that GW writes and treating it like it is the bible and you can't go against it. Keep up the good work and you're army sounds like it is built alot like mine.:biggrin:
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