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Does fluff matter to you?

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I'm asking this question because over the past few years I've been hearing more and more people talking about fluff. I've been around this game since the day's of RT and the fluff (and game) were very different then today. Most people didn't talk about fluff, well nothing like they do now.

As for me I do enjoy fluff but in my opinion it has no bearing on how the game is played so at the end of the day fluff is just some stories that take place in the 40k world. I'm not calling anyone out with this but i don't understand why people let the fluff decide the game for them. It's just going to change again.

As I said the fluff is very different now and it even contradicts it self, so again I ask does fluff matter to you?
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For a lot of people, fluff is means to an end. In the end, fluff is up to the player to interpret. My favorite part of the game is fluff, because I love the gaming aspect that I am making "history". If I have a character that did particulary well, or survived in an unlikely position, I create fluff for him. For me, the game is more a means to an end, rather than the fluff playing the supporting role. The game is a way to make fluff that pertains to my army and that I can relate to.

One reason I love fluff so much is that the Black Libriary basically introduced me to the game. Therefore, I see fluff as even more important than the gaming aspect. Many people may see my army as contradictory to my views. I have 20 khorne berzerkers in my army, a squad of Nurgle Chosen, and a Chaos Sorcerer as the HQ in a Word Bearers army painted red and gold instead of red and silver. This may seem ridiculiusly unfluffy to the casual bystander, but my created fluff makes sense to me and is understandble based on my fluff. Short version is that my army is an elite conglomeration of Word Bearers units (Gold is the step above silver) and thus the army contains a balance of dedicated units. Much of my army fluff is based on the conflict in the army and the characters torn between accomplishing their mission, and fighting their enemy.

(In order to portray this inner turmoil, I am considering making a special rule for my army like: If a dedicated unit moves within 6" of another dedicated unit, then both units must take a Leadership test using the same modifiers as losing an assualt. I don't think a casual opponent would have any problems with me using the rule.)

So on further examination, my army isn't without a legitimate background story. Or at least it is to me anyway:grin:.
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