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Does anyone know anything about the Davron 20th Headhunters?

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IG regiment mentioned in an Epic article way back, I wondered if anyone knew if there was any more official fluff on them?

Or indeed, if anyone has used them as the basis for their own IG regiment?

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Jacobite said:
Google didn't come up with anything either.
Exactly, no google or wikipoedia entries... where do you go from there, eh? They obviously don't exist and I've imagined the whole thing! (or, maybe, they're a regiment done by one of the WD staffers that isn't 'officially official' if you know what I mean - like Owen Reece and his Tahnelian 187th or whatever - they turn up in batreps, but not in the fluff.

Jacobite said:
Are you thinking of starting a IG are you?
Man you have no idea. I've been trying NOT to start playing guard since about 1987, when I put three Judge Dredd riot judges next to a Paranoia security guard and thought 'f**k it, why not?'. But you know, cool minis. Commissars. Ogryn. All those unsupported minis from years/games gone by; Necromunda minis; all that sort of thing. Hey, no worries, the IG will take anybody!

Or put it another way, I'm a gameslut who never throws anything away.

The only codex I have no minis for is Tau - too new for me, haven't got my head round them yet (even then, I've got a few 'Tau-y bits' in my bitzbox which are probably destined to be scavenged by my Red Orks).

So, in short: yeah, thinkin' about it.

Cadian: cheers, if you do find anything, post it up/put a link/ or anything, thanks v much.

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1 - 2 of 4 Posts
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