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Does anyone here actually like GW?

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Having looked at a few threads here in the General 40k section, I'm wondering if there is anyone, like me and a few others, who actually likes Games Workshop, because if there are, we need to be more vocal about it.

So does anyone else actually like them?
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I don't really like them, no, but I like 40K so I put up with their crap.
Ditto this

I like GW. Its specific employees I have issue with (Robin Cruddace is at the forefront of that list.)
Other way around for me. Company policies/business practices drive me nuts, but I consider many of the employees to be friends. Sure, there's one or two I don't care for, but all i all, I'll gladly sit down and drink a beer and gab with most of them. If only all the really good ones (in the US, at least) didn't keep leaving to go elsewhere.
I don't really see what's not to like imo. When it comes down to it they produce high quality products, and particularly when you consider the scale which they operate are pretty unique, there really isn't anything else like it out there as a buisness. Also, remember that as a company, up untill about 2 years ago they'd been making massive losses and were on the verge of going under.

In those circumstances i see no problem with them producing a magazine that's one long advert, or releasing new expansions that basically encourage everyone to buy more tank kits, or even that they've stopped the option where you could order individual pieces of a kit (thinking particularly boneswords for tyranids). Yeah, we all love a whinge about that dissapointing crap, but if it stops them going out of buisness then that's fine by me.

Long live the only real geek's outlet on the highstreet! :king:
They produce a decent line of miniatures, but there are a lot of companies out there now that do just as well, if not better. GWs advantage is that they have an established rule set to go with theirs, altho rules support has gone downhill over the last 5+ years. And that's where my largest gripe lies, in their lack of rules support, Poorly written rules, lack of timely FAQs/errata. Most of those that I know of that have left the hobby have done so to to disillusionment with the rules.
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