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Does anyone here actually like GW?

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Having looked at a few threads here in the General 40k section, I'm wondering if there is anyone, like me and a few others, who actually likes Games Workshop, because if there are, we need to be more vocal about it.

So does anyone else actually like them?
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For the most part I like GW. I don't like dealing with most general staffers but there have been a few that were really helpful and great. As I stated in a previous thread their customer service is top notch and pretty much makes up for the high prices and the products are of the utmost quality, I really wouldn't want to be constructing and painting anything else. I understand they're a business and price rises and whatnot are inevitable but their business plan just doesn't make any sense to me. Now, I'm no businessman myself but in a climate where everyone is lowering their prices is it really good economics to be raising your own? This coupled with some of their other frustrating support issues like cutting back on games day are frustrating, but again, because the product is so good and because they've got me lock, stock, and barrel and I've basically devoted half my life to the hobby (I'm 20 and started collecting when I was 12) and loved every moment of it, I suppose that I really do like them despite some of their questionable choices.
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