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Please use accurate and descriptive titles. When you make a thread, it needs to have a title that lets people know what to expect. "I was..." is not an acceptable army list title, for example. Vague titles are bad for you, the site and potential readers. Why? Think about it. If you post a thread with a vague, non-descriptive title, it might not be noticed by people in a position to help and give feedback. Bad for you. Likewise, bad thread titles mess with google and other search engine results. People searching for "Conscripts in assaults" on google aren't likely to find a Heresy thread entitled "unusual situation". That means new people aren't finding Heresy. Bad for the site. Finally, let's say you're cruising the boards and see something with an interesting, vague or misleading title. You click on it and it turns out to be absolutely nothing you're interested in. Now you've wasted time and energy, and you think the guy who posted the thread is a brainless twat. Bad for potential readers.

Mods can and will change poor thread titles whenever they encounter them (including fixing typos in titles. Again, it's a google thing, nobody searches for 'Spice Mereen Taktix'). If you've got a history of shoddy or misleading thread titles you may end up with a note from us in your inbox.

I've played both and love them, best games GW ever made by far in my opinion. :)

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Blood Bowl is a ball, it's taken our local club by storm. The random nature of the game, combined with some crazy rules gives a great atmosphere where players almost stop worrying about who will win. Almost :grin:

Can't give much info on Necromunda personally, but it looks like a great system and I've heard great things about it.

If want a little more infomation on each system, have a look over at this thread. Hopefully you'll learn something new from the stuff in that, it's a great read to find out more about the basics of a particular system.
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