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DIY SM Chapter Prototypes.

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Hello, I'm just here to see what people think of my Space Marine Chapter.

I don't mind comments or suggestions, but go light on the criticism as I have little experience in painting(about 2 years on and off) and currently having problems getting the silly 'Highlight' that GW deems a must on it's models done right.

(I have a friend who builds/paints WWII Tanks and such. His skills are phenomenal. He painted his IG army Realistically and reminiscent of WWII Armies and easily has the best painted army outside a White Dwarf in our area.

Yet people always says his army isn't that great and needs work. Most commonly saying that they need more highlights.

Excuse me in dropping my IQ to their level but I think they dumb doo-doo heads. lol)

I have just started painting my army and only have 5 Marines done.(Close to it at least. Some are missing their Eyes.) I'd tried getting better pictures without the slight blur but I can't figure out how the camera works. So excuse me for the non-detailed pictures.

These 5 Marines are the Prototypes for the Basic Bolter Marine. I'm trying to emphasized an easy color scheme that looks good in numbers, with the colors I like, and is easy to do. You'll probably notice that I did not remove the flash on them so just ignore that as I wasn't trying to be perfect on these right now.

The first two Marines are the first I built, painted, based, and over-coated individually. This was done to figure out how I wanted them painted. Both of them have about 5 coats of paint on them each.

The one on the right(your right) was the first. I highlighted the black and purple on this one, but found out the way I did it for the purple was too complicated for such a simple color scheme. The highlight itself seams to not appear correctly in the pictures.

Unfortunately I over did it on the overcoat on these two and where the armor and such is painted with metal colors now looks like I painted them gray. :ireful2: I will eventually repaint those areas so they get the metallic shine back.

These three are the first Mast-produced models. (3 painted at a time, in a relatively short time.) They have one coat of paint, no overcoat, and the bases are undone.

I started these one night and finished the next morning. I found out the next morning I have problems painting at night when I need rest so these had to be 'fixed' and currently not the best I can do.

I also found out that I'm having troubles doing the 'Eyes' on the SMs. And find the way some other people(and GW) use too complicated. (I have yet to check these forums so I'll be doing that sometime soon.)

Here is just a quick look at the backs. So you see how they are done from that angle.

I look forward to seeing what you guys think.
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I think they look solid, and it's a good color scheme. Keep with the ideas you have, I think once they're done they'll look striking.
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