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Well I have about 7,000 pts of CSM, but still no name or anything to call them. So I started thinking a little about what a good background and form a name around them. I have all the different kinds of units, no set type.

I decided to base their background on being the CSM army that works with all others, but secretly. Guided, but not totally committed to Tzeentch, they look to the god of Tzeentch to help them achieve their own goals since he is supposed to "know all." My army constantly deals, bribes, or allies with other renegades, cultists or csm legions for their own gain. For example, using the armoured legions of the Iron Warriors, the cunning speed and swiftness of the Night Lords and all the cultists legions. They always have a constant flow of information from their dealings and network of insiders. They even have been known to deal with the torturous raiders themselves, the Dark Eldar (I really wanna start up a small army of them when the updated ones come out:mrgreen:). This army is led by both a council of representatives of each other legion that they deal with and an unnamed BAMF (haven't figured it out yet). Representatives help out in the dealing processes by requesting everything from supplies to allied help in conquering a world, but also gain information. Little is known as to what their overall main goal is within the universe.

So that is the basic idea. If anyone also has some cool fluff to add to mine or maybe help mine make a little sense and fit more into the 40k fluff right now as I am not too up to date with the current fluff beyond reading almost half of "The Founding" from Gaunt's Ghosts and my codices.

Now for the name, I only got 3 ideas so far and nothing really popped up to me when I went through the CSM Legion name maker. So here are my possible three, any other suggestions would be nice:

Lords of Deception
Disciples of Corruption

I kind of like Puppetmasters and the first two can always be switched (ex. Lords of Corruption).

Color scheme, I was thinking along the lines of blue, as since they are guided by Tzeentch. So maybe dark blue main color and secondary color a silver or steel. (Again other suggestions would be much appreciated).

Thank you for all who help me out here.
1 - 2 of 2 Posts
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