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The camo effect is super nice I really like that. I really like the circuit effect you did especially on the fire warriors guns that was genius. I know I have bashed you on glow effect you do and I understand there are people that like it. I like the glow effect and I think you nailed it on this army for the most part. You made various things glow but the glow effect didn't cover half the models chest it was limited to a small area. Where I think it fails is the main gun on the hammer head gunship. It just looks like it was added so that the gun barrel wasn't a big black blob. I wish you would camoed the barrel out and left the power supply black and added red to the power supply to make it look like it was powered up and ready to fire. Also the red blotches on the base don't make sense they are just randomly placed and they are the same color as the red glow effect. Honestly, they could have been left off and it would have let the models stand out more because the paint job on the models was amazing. Still incredible work and I like seeing your stuff.
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